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Australis Pharma's Innovative Drug Platform

Targeting Oncology

Australis Pharma is committed to bringing the next generation of pharmaceutical treatments to combat cancer. Our lead compound, AUS_001 highlights our novel anti-neoplastic agents with broad cancer efficacy, low side effects and the promise of oral administration.

Australis Pharma's Promise to Tomorrow

About Us
Drug Development Platform

Thousands of patented compounds to expand our chances of continually treating the most dire of diseases.

Safe and Effective

Imagine a treatment more efficacious than chemotherapy without the extreme side effects. The potential of AUS_001 gives us hope of achieving this goal.

Mission Driven

Australis Pharma will stop at nothing other than to eliminate the burden of high cost cancer treatments worldwide.

Taking Care of Nature

Naturally derived compounds help bring the most nature has to offer toward human health.


Years ago Ligurian honeybees transported to Kangaroo Island


Chemical Derivative Platform Candidates

0 of 280

Cancer Cell Lines with efficacy (29+ Cancer Types)


Average Safety Margin


Percentage Tumor's Eradicated In Vivo

Development pipeline

Balanced mix of chemical platform growth and lead candidate development.

We focus on efforts toward the development of our most promising compounds while further insuring our success by a steady stream of candidate research and IP generation. A major part of our effort goes into the R&D mechanistic studies to uncover new avenues of cancer treatment with focus not only on efficacy but also countering drug-resistance, minimizing side effects, and improving patient treatment experiences.


Preclinical Studies


Chemical Library


Mechanism of Action
Terra Australis Pharmaceuticals PTY LTD is our operating and research affiliate headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia

Contact: info@australispharma.com

Address: 4596 Ish Drive Unit 230, Simi Valley, CA 93063